To enable the Rabbi to continue his his Avodat Hakodesh and continue teaching Am Israel, writing and publishing books and Disks full of brilliant Torah teaching we need your kind help and assistance. We set up a website designated for Donations from the general public and anyone who is interested in helping Rabbi Meir Eliyahu Shlita in his efforts to learn and teach Torah to all of us can simply press the DONATION Button and donate whatever his heart desires, either a one time contribution or on monthly basis.

Merkavot Argaman

For all Torah seekers

Over 2000 hours of lectures

on now 20 disks - Plus, added bonus lectures on USB!


About Rabbi Meir Eliyahu Shlita

For a number of years now is busy in teaching Torah to the new generation of Torah Seekers. His lectures are being published on various platforms to enable as many students as possible anywhere in the world and on many different levels.

Rabbi Meir Eliyahu Shlita already published six books on Halachot and Midrashim. A new edition of his 3 books set on Parashat Hashavua (the weekly portion) covering all 5 books of the Torah. In addition, Rabbi Meir Eliyahu has published 3 books answering most complex questions and issues in Jewish Law (Halachot) on all four parts of the “Shulchan Aruch”. These books are now being published in large numbers and read by Hebrew readers in Israel and all over the world.

Rabbi Meir Eliyahu himself is a Baal Teshuva and this is what enables him to better understand not just the Scholars but more so the new generation of Torah observants. Most of them being encouraged to do more and more Torah learning just by participating in one lecture or listening to one on the a disk an/or the website


Rabbi Meir Eliyahu has the amazing ability to give lectures, to combine Halachot and Midrashim and point out references without looking at any notes or opening any books at all. Everything is flowing directly from his own personal “Hard Disk”. All participants and/or listeners will listen to his lectures even if they take much longer than one hour, they are just fascinated and taken by the wisdom and ablility of Rabbi Meir Eliyahu




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